If you love collecting art, whether it’s antique or modern, then you probably already know that there are different ways for you to join an auction. But if this is your first time and you want to start collecting Chinese art pieces, then you have come to the right place! Chinese art is one of the most sought after pieces of every collector worldwide because they are of great value. Here are three options on how to bid for an art piece that catches your attention.

auction hong kongBid Online

There are now quite a number of online auction sites who provide bidders the access to bid on the item that interests them. This way, you can bid using your computer or your mobile phone whenever, wherever. All of the bids are received real time but you must register online to participate in online bidding.

Bid By Phone

Chinese art auction hong kong online have options for telephone bidding. This is where you participate in live sales by bidding through a telephone with a trained staff member. He or she will be the one who relays the progress of the auction and would do the bid on your behalf.

Bid In Person

This is probably the most exciting option when bidding at an auction. In fact, this is the traditional method done live on a sales floor where bidders each have their own auction paddles. Clients who are planning to bid must register on or before the day of the auction, provide their identification, then a numbered paddle will be provided. During auction day, the auctioneer will announce the bid, if the price is right, bidder raises the paddle until you are the last bidder remaining.

Once you are ready to start bidding, choose the best method that works for you. Although online bidding is the most preferred because of its convenience and the transparency of the auctioned items that it provides, you can still opt for bidding in person and telephone bidding.