The place offers a great view with the majestic Al Hajar Mountains meeting the luminous reflection in the serene waters of the Gulf of Oman making it famous among the travelers. Chedi Muscat rises amidst a landscape that is an elegant twenty-one-acre garden oasis with a 158 Omani influenced villas and guestrooms.

oman 5 star hotelThis is a central location that equally fits well for the leisure and business traveler with an availability of distinct, three swimming pools, a thirteen-suite Balinese spa that includes a 103-metre long pool that is a great source of leisure, 700 square meter health club with two executive meeting rooms that enhances the Muscat’s considerable cultural attractions.

One can spend the day enjoying the unique attractions of the capital city of Oman and after a long day of spending time checking the monuments, clicking photos, touring around the city. It is the best time to relax the body in the stunning hotel offering the plush loungers by the side of the pool and a myriad of cuisines. It is great to spend the day at meetings and events and go back knowing that one had a well-appointed abode ready for the person to relax in. there are indoor activities’ that can be enjoyed by a person and it can actually help a person fall in love with the accommodation that is provided by a 5-star in Oman. Both business and leisure find a great mix of a pleasant stay with oman 5 star hotel.